Voters should not be misled by Snohomish County Executive John Lovick’s campaign brochure. The Seattle Times editorial board recommends his challenger, Dave Somers.

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FOR the record — and once more with feeling — The Seattle Times editorial board recommends Snohomish County voters elect Dave Somers as their next county executive.

Of course, you would not know that if you recently received a large, full-color brochure from County Executive John Lovick’s re-election campaign. On the cover under a photo of Lovick speaking to a firefighter is a flattering quote from a Times editorial: “Lovick has the experience, leadership and temperament to lead Snohomish County government.”

The only problem: The quote is from 2014 when he was running for a one-year term to fill the vacancy created by his predecessor’s resignation. Lovick’s opponent was unqualified and Lovick was the better choice — at that time.

Before you vote

Read the editorial board’s full recommendation for Somers at:

And read all recommendations for the Aug. 4 primary at:

But this is 2015 when Lovick is challenged by the very worthy Somers, a County Council member since 1997 who has served as chair five times. The combination of Somers’ deep experience in the county, land-use expertise and his compelling case against the incumbent’s missteps make him the clear choice to lead Snohomish County government.

This is a disappointing move by Lovick, a longtime public servant. His campaign brochure violated Seattle Times policies by misrepresenting the editorial board’s current position and using the newspaper’s logo without permission. Worse, it is a cynical and deliberate effort to mislead voters.