Most lame ducks go out with a whimper; Donald Trump is exiting with a bang, a crash, a boom and a big thud.

After losing the presidential election, he concocted a conspiracy theory about the electoral result that was so unhinged and idiotic that only unhinged and idiotic people would believe it. Apparently, though, there are millions of unhinged, idiotic people in the country and more than 100 of them are members of Congress.

In pursuit of selling his claim of a stolen election, Trump sent America’s worst team of lawyers into dozens of courtrooms to lose lawsuit after lawsuit. Then he got himself tape recorded leaning on the Georgia secretary of state to manufacture an extra 11,000-plus votes for him so he could grab back that state’s electoral votes.

After he fomented doubts about the voting system among his gullible followers and attacked Republican leaders in Georgia who refused to lie for him, two of his sycophants lost their senate seats and gave the majority in the U.S. Senate to the Democrats.

Trump topped off this demented reality show by whipping up a crowd of several thousand of his extremist acolytes who proceeded to run riot inside the venerated halls of the United States Capitol Building.

Now, he’s gotten people talking seriously about removing him from office before his time runs out in less than two weeks. The guy is a loser, a liar, a con man, an incompetent, and a seditionist, but you’ve got to admit the old devil knows how to hold an audience right to the end.

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