I do not embrace any political party. In the past, I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans, and today I dislike both parties.

But I am getting so frustrated with Democrats. I really want President Donald Trump to be voted out of office, but as Democrats embrace more and more of the far-left agenda, it is making it harder to vote for them and easier for Trump to win a second term. Democrats need to embrace moderation to sway more voters away from voting for Trump or far-right, Tea Party or Freedom Caucus candidates.

Democrats need to stop creating so much regulation that good companies cannot stay in business and that does nothing to stem climate change. They need to stop trying to make the U.S. more of a nanny state; to stop making people pay for the sins of those who are long dead and buried; to fund and defend good law enforcement; to stop trying to take guns away; and to listen to more moderate voices.

They need to stop demonizing Republican voters and realize that many of them are voting Republican because they hate what the Democrats are doing and want to do.

Gayle Olcott, Arlington