No serious person in this country believes there has been major – or even minor – election fraud committed during the presidential election ballot count. But, in the realm of unserious, deluded, paranoid people, there are likely hundreds of thousand, if not millions.

That is because the pathologically unserious president of the United States has told them that the election is being stolen. In a tirade in front of the White House press corps on Thursday, President Donald Trump unleashed a stream of wild, unsubstantiated accusations, claiming the vote counts in several states were rife with corruption aimed at denying him another term in office.

Some of Trump’s fawning toadies in the Republican Party and on Fox News have lent verbal support to his lies, but at least a few Republicans who have retained a shred of honor have had enough of their leader’s petulant rants. Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger sent a tweet telling Trump, “If you have legit concerns about fraud present EVIDENCE and take it to court. STOP spreading debunked misinformation. This is getting insane. “Maryland’s Republican Gov. Larry Hogan said Trump’s comments were indefensible and were “undermining our Democratic process.”

Hogan is exactly right. Trump is undermining American democracy. Luckily, our democratic system is resilient and will survive the fabrications of a sore loser, even if he is the president. That resilience was evidenced in our just concluded election by robust voter turnout in all parts of the country. The voters rewarded Republicans with key victories from Congress to several statehouses, but they also gave Joe Biden 4 million more votes than Trump.

It appears likely that voters also awarded Biden enough electoral votes to win the presidency. Trump can whine and threaten and stomp his feet all he wants, but he cannot stop our democratic system from having the final word.

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