There are many reasons President Donald Trump does not deserve to be re-elected. He has desecrated the office of the presidency with his boorish, bratty behavior. He has enriched himself at public expense. He has betrayed his oath to defend the country by catering to the interests of America’s adversary, Russia. He has abandoned international organizations and, thereby, enhanced the global influence of an even bigger rival, China. He has bungled the national response to a killer epidemic. He has installed incompetents and sycophants to crucial governmental posts. The list goes on and on with the worst of his sins being his refusal to face the dire threat of climate change.

The biggest reason to toss Trump from office, though, is not what he has done, but what he will do if he gets a second term in office. He will be unleashed.

It would be nice to think that he would give his lazy nature full run, and he’d spend four years playing golf, but do not count on it. Freed from worrying about re-election, he would let his worst impulses kick in. His urge for autocratic rule would test and, perhaps, shatter every check and balance in the American system. His self-aggrandizement would have no bounds. He would likely replace Attorney General Bill Barr with an even more compliant consigliere. Only the most ideological, corrupt or incompetent people would be drawn to his government, while beleaguered experts and officials throughout the federal bureaucracy would leave in a debilitating exodus. And any hope of mitigating the looming climate-change catastrophe would be lost.

Could our republic survive four more years of Trump? For that matter, could the planet?

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