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Re “ ‘Turn out the lights’: Message from 1971 Seattle billboard echoed in head-tax debate”:

In 1971, as a recent University of Washington graduate, I lived the reality of the billboard. I could not find a job anywhere. I eventually went to work for an ex-Boeing engineer who had cobbled together a business using recycled railroad ties as landscaping material. Then I got a job at Eddie Bauer during its go-go years.

Booms are much more fun than busts. No one would want to live through another period of decline and despair like 1971. Only a supportive and confident business community can keep it from happening again. They are not enemies but neighbors and our opportunity for continued success.

If anyone thinks the homeless situation is bad now, wait until the business exodus to Bellevue, Everett and Tacoma — not to mention the hundreds of cities out of the area ready to take advantage of an out-of-touch city leadership.

James Nystrom, Bothell