This year, Day of the Dead celebrations Nov. 1 and 2 will acquire a different feeling and meaning. The number of deaths from COVID-19 is staggering.

Because of the fear of getting exposed, people who wish to celebrate at home can create their own offerings in a very simple way.

There are five simple items for altar offerings: photos of loved ones, a glass of water, a white candle or votive, a flower or a vase with flowers, and the best intention of the person making the offering.

Traditional offerings have a great variety of elements, depending on the age of the person being remembered. Nov. 1 is reserved for children who passed before the age of 12. Nov. 2 is when adults are remembered.

This is a celebration of love and remembrance. Life is precious, and we must remember those who gave us life. To quote what is said when the names of loved ones are uttered at remembrances: “Viva la vida, viva la muerte!”

Raul Sanchez, Seattle