Last weekend, I volunteered to help at a COVID-19 vaccination clinic. I am a retired pediatrician and was thankful for the opportunity to help. On the day I worked, almost everyone else was currently employed. They were giving of their time without compensation.

These are health care workers who have put up with a year of decreased revenues (think of how many doctor’s appointments you have skipped during the past year) and increased stress (no need to elaborate here, but think of facing sick patients every day when many people were worried enough to avoid going out altogether).

These health care workers have also had to figure out day care and online learning for their school-age kids, all while wearing a mask for 10 hours.

Remember that while the vaccine is “free,” it comes at a cost for those administering it. The government has supplied the vaccine but not compensation for the workers who give it.

Be thankful you can receive the vaccine, but also give thanks to those who give of their time and resources to offer it to you.

JoEllen Estvold, Carnation