Re: “Despite virus, millions in U.S. traveling for holiday” [Dec. 24, A1]:

We’ve been wearing masks, following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rules for 10 months now and were not with our families for Thanksgiving or Christmas, so when I read about many travelers not doing likewise, I was not very happy.

One woman is quoted in the article, saying, “My mom’s worth it. She needs my help. I know that God’s got me. He’s not going to let me get sick.” I am very happy for her faith, but the question is, did she take the virus to her mom? Didn’t we learn from the superspreaders of Thanksgiving? In the same edition of The Seattle Times, in the Rant & Rave section: “Rant to every newscast that shows people getting a shot in the arm or a Q-Tip shoved up their nose! We get the picture!” No, you do not, or you wouldn’t have to be continually reminded.

Now, that you all have had your holiday fix, can we settle down, follow the rules and stop this terrible, terrible virus? It’s going to still be a long haul, but we have to do it.

Rosetta Smith, Bothell