As much as it saddens me that I won’t get to have a normal Thanksgiving with any of my immediate family members on this wonderful upcoming holiday, I am trying my best to be thankful and grateful for my health and 10 negative COVID-19 tests out of 10. Also, I’m thankful and grateful that nobody I know has passed away from this terrible virus during this unprecedented pandemic.

With that being said, I will be working Thanksgiving night at the skilled nursing facility where I’m employed. I had to remember how somber and solemn it is going to be for the residents at nursing homes like mine and every other one. I get to go home after my shift, and these residents are experiencing being quarantined with no visits from family available to them. It breaks my heart, so I do whatever I can to get to know and say “Hi” and talk to as many residents as I can.

The least I can do, and maybe this will help put it into perspective that the majority of us don’t have it nearly as bad as we think.

Jeff Swanson, Everett