One of the most important management concepts is that responsibility and authority must be matched. A person with the authority to make decisions needs to take responsibility to make those decisions realistic. Also, when a person has responsibility to make decisions, they must also have authority to enforce them.

Gov. Jay Inslee has the authority to make coronavirus decisions, but he must not shirk his responsibility to make those changes realistic. Inslee is asking the impossible when he expects unemployed adults who have no idea when their jobs will return (if they ever do) to “just sit tight” waiting for federal help. They need to buy food, pay rent and utility bills (including internet access for remote education) and hope they are not forced into homelessness.

Every Washington state employee should spend this weekend sharing realistic ideas and plans for how to get funds to those who desperately need it. Inslee should call back the Legislature and do whatever is needed now.

Budget cuts, postponements, new debt and every other realistic option must be vetted and new funds provided to desperate state residents immediately.

Karen Pierce Goncalves, Bellevue