“CDC testing guidance was published against scientists’ objections” [Sept. 17, Nation] demonstrates the confusion and resulting death we are seeing with COVID-19.

We cannot trust the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention. The Department of Health and Human Services is inserting politically motivated guidance — instead of scientifically determined facts — into trusted publications and the press. We see the Food and Drug Administration recommending the use of immune serum — then backtracking. The CDC puts out recommendations for schools and testing that are confusing at best and fabrications at worst. The administration is trying to make political points rather than supporting the health of our family members and the health of our economy.

We physicians, our patients, parents and schools are sorting out conflicting stories and recommendations. The physicians and scientists who should be our sources (e.g. Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Robert Redfield) have been sidelined, ignored and contradicted. It is time for an independent, nonpolitical group of scientists and leaders to act — at least until this president is gone. A group like the National Academy of Medicine should appoint a group of experts and leaders to develop daily updates on actions to defeat this virus. We can’t wait for this government to be honest.

Bob Crittenden, M.D., MPH, Seattle