The First Amendment does not entitle one person or group to infringe upon the rights of others. Does that also include not transmitting a deadly virus to fellow citizens?

I am part of a team of dedicated bedside nurses who have been treating COVID-19 intensive care unit patients at Harborview Medical Center since February. We hoped that logic, science, and good sense would have prevailed by now, and the virus would be under control. Unfortunately, we see COVID-19 exploding across the U.S., and we are tired.

Politicians, pundits and media who called the science regarding COVID-19 “fake news” cynically do not appear to care about the real consequences of this deception. Some people who trusted these voices went out, maskless, and congregated too closely. They ignored the words of public-health leaders imploring them to keep themselves, and their fellow Americans, safe. We now have the results of misplaced trust.

Hopefully, patients and families who listened to these deceptions are learning what really is “fake news” and what is true. As nurses who treat all patients, we will be there for those afflicted with COVID-19. It’s time to believe science and finally come together to stop this pandemic, as Americans.

Matthew Cazier, Seattle, RN, BSN, CCRN Harborview Medical Center