Since March, people have changed how they live to be in line with government orders and shutdowns. In an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19 this year, Gov. Jay Inslee put in place some very strict COVID measures.

Only a few weeks ago, Gov. Inslee announced new closures and restrictions that have continued to devastate local businesses like mine. I’ve owned Riot Athletics in Seattle for 13 years, and without a doubt this year has been the most difficult. Gyms and fitness facilities have been forced to close throughout the pandemic and are among the hardest-hit businesses, those which are first-to-close but last-to-open.

When Gov. Inslee closed down gyms and fitness facilities in November, he urged the federal government to provide support. But broad relief options, like Paycheck Protection Program loans, only go so far, and they limit what I can do to keep my business afloat. If Gov. Inslee is going to close down gyms and fitness facilities, he needs to call directly on our congressional delegation to get the job done and provide direct support for gyms.

Jordan Holland, Seattle, Riot Athletics