We’re in a state-mandated, face-mask-wearing, stay-at-home, don’t-hang-out-with-the-neighbors pandemic emergency. There is plenty of talk but no effective treatment or vaccine, nor is there widespread testing available to the general public. There is no queue for the “just want to know” folks.

We need widespread testing for everyone and immediate tracing of any folks who test positive. We would learn more about the virus and therefore have a better chance of predicting what it will do under various circumstances.

We also need to get a handle on the national-leadership portion of the operation. It is quite concerning that our nation’s leadership is encouraging unsafe behaviors. Their behavior is intended to confound, confuse and paralyze.

It is time to contact your elected representatives and tell them we need widespread, “no questions asked” testing coupled by effective tracing. This can help control the spread of the virus, along with wearing masks in public, hand sanitation and social distancing.

This is real work, but we can do it.

Ira Worden, Kirkland