Everybody is right on the subject of COVID-19 measures, and everyone is wrong. There are no good solutions. We have three options:

• Shut everything down and bear the economic consequences. This is a terrible solution.

• Let it rage out of control, overwhelm the health care system, and accept high numbers of infections, deaths and long-term health consequences (another terrible solution).

• Straddle and get most of the worst of both worlds (also terrible).

All public-policy options are extremely bad. There’s no avoiding a horrible outcome. For each of us, it comes down to personal interests and priorities — all valid.

When hurricanes approach, businesses close, windows are boarded up and people evacuate. The economic costs are horrendous. It takes months or years to recover, but that’s what we do to save lives.

Gov. Jay Inslee is trying to save lives, and relying on the best public-health and infectious-disease experts to guide his decisions, which will necessarily be a hardship for many. That doesn’t make him a bad guy or a bad governor — quite the opposite, in my opinion.

Robert Sargent, Renton