May I offer a thought to change the mindset of those sitting on the “I won’t wear a mask” fence?

The mindset I have adopted is this is World War III, truly global in scope against an enemy we can’t see unless under a microscope. We don’t have to ration gas and meat, grow victory gardens and take our scrap metal to be melted down to make more airplanes as was the case in World War II. We are being asked to wear a mask, stay home a bit more and wash our hands. It’s called sacrifice, and it’s what we have to do to save our fellow Americans and fellow people on this planet, and to get this over as fast as possible.

It’s tough with no job, dwindling food and money supplies, and our kids who can’t get to school each day. Let’s all do the best we can, help one another, be kind to one another and let’s win this thing!

Steve Ducharme, Gig Harbor