As a veteran teacher, I support all the educators who are hesitant to enter school buildings in the fall. The many reasons why in-person learning is not a good idea at this time are well-documented by educators.

The irony of this moment is that the unsafe conditions in our school buildings are caused, in large part, by the very people who refuse to take safety measures (wearing masks, social distancing), thus helping to create a widespread, uncontrolled escalation of a dangerous virus. Yet it is this same demographic that is now attempting to force educators to enter the quagmire of closed-in, poorly ventilated spaces — classrooms — they helped create.

The only safe and sane alternative is to use our resources and ingenuity to improve remote learning.

Will it ever replace in-person learning? No way. Will it help save lives and keep families together in their own habitats instead of a hospital until there’s a vaccine? Absolutely.

Joe Zimmerman, Seattle