This August, the Republican-led U.S. Senate left for the summer without even voting on the trillions of dollars of coronavirus aid already approved by the Democratic House. Its inaction is dangerous and unacceptable. We simply cannot wait any longer for relief.

Even before coronavirus reached our shores, far too many of our most vulnerable neighbors — seniors, people with disabilities and low-wage workers — were just one financial shock away from eviction and homelessness. Even more of our neighbors are now just one missed paycheck, one broken car or one sick child away from losing their home.

We are in the middle of a slow-moving economic collapse that quickens perceptibly each first day of the month. Congress must take bold action to help people experiencing homelessness and those struggling to make ends meet by enacting emergency rental assistance and a uniform eviction moratorium.

In the face of the greatest economic challenge most of us have ever faced, Congress must ensure that not one more child, family or veteran becomes homeless — and end homelessness for those already without a home.

Who benefits when their neighbor becomes homeless? Who benefits when their neighbor’s child cannot eat? No one. Congress must act now.

Rian Watt, Seattle