During my time in the military, Monday morning was often a matter of weekend knucklehead-case review. Who wandered off and fell through a window? Who slept with someone else’s spouse and who was attacked in revenge? Many stories involved alcohol, with variations in how much and how it was obtained and consumed. Some were very somber, involving funeral arrangements or lawyers. The young male of our species is especially good at two things: becoming a hero by running blindly into battle and wreaking havoc running into whatever stupid scheme he or his friends have thought up.

So it comes with no surprise that young people across America right now are spreading the coronavirus through weekend parties and barhopping. But what of educated adults? Those who decide that this virus is not dangerous, that we can return to our normal activities as if the fire drill is over? And what of pseudoscientific discussions of masks and death rates?

I wish this were all a joke. But like the knuckleheads in the military, reality is the cure for the spoiled American adult-child whose bad choices are no longer cute. Death is the punisher and never satisfied.

Paul Bunge, M.D. (former Navy doctor), Olympia