Re: “Memorial to Confederate soldiers toppled at Capitol Hill’s Lake View Cemetery” [July 6, Northwest]:

Recently, a friend posted a Facebook picture of Auschwitz with a caption saying that 1.1 million people were murdered there. It stands because the Jews want it preserved as a reminder to never let that evil happen again. I agree.

I am sick and tired of vandals tearing down Confederate statues when there are so many smarter things they could be doing with them. A statement should be made that these people died as losers. That, and a brief unglamorous history, could be etched into a plaque at their feet. The statues, standing in graveyards, would be reminders to never let such evil happen again.

They could also stand in museums. There they will inspire a retelling of their story to young visitors so that they, too, will learn of that terrible time in our nation’s history and vow never to repeat it — anywhere with anyone.

Current destructive behavior grabs headlines and undermines the powerful, positive statements that protests and marches make. It does nothing to move us, as citizens, to a higher level of peace and understanding. Nor does it help future generations understand that good people can do terrible things.

Patt Schwab, Seattle