An obituary for student bank accounts: The bank accounts of college students nationwide passed away earlier this year after a long and hard-fought battle against increasing textbook costs. The savings and earnings were cared for and raised by loving students and were on their way to completing four years at universities across the country before their untimely death.

Since 1980, the cost of college textbooks has grown nearly 812%. Treatment options exist, including free online open textbooks. Unfortunately, these treatments were not provided, and bank accounts grew too weak to continue, leading to this tragic loss. They are survived by students like me, who are left struggling to succeed in classes while simultaneously paying rent and tuition.

The last wishes of student bank accounts were read today at the funeral: Universities nationwide should make the move toward open textbooks. There are easy and affordable ways to keep students from having to mourn the loss of their money, and we must take advantage of them if we wish to make higher education affordable.

Mallory Anzivino, Seattle