My daughter is in 9th grade and has not set foot in a school building since March. She used to love school, now she hates it. She used to study hard, now I have to force her to do anything. The amount of privilege that she benefits from is tremendous. We have a reliable internet connection, we check every hour that she is actually logged in, she has parents who are both highly educated and can supplement instruction in all subjects. Yet, this is unbearable for the entire family. What about kids who don’t have all of this? We are failing an entire generation.

Meanwhile, restaurants, movie theaters, bowling alleys and malls are open. Why are we not making opening schools a priority above all others? And no, we are not all in the same boat. Look around the world, most countries have reopened schools with higher numbers than we have. French President Emanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have both declared that schools would be the last thing to close if needed.

Only what impacts the economy seems to get any attention. Who is advocating for our kids? Who is investing in the future of our country?

Blandine Van de Velde, Redmond