Many thanks to Jon Talton for his objective and realistic comments on the climate crisis the entire planet is facing [“The murky view outside shows the climate emergency clearly,” Sept. 18, Business].

Talton sums up the situation perfectly when he quotes Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz’s comments in the Guardian when he wrote, “When the U.S. was attacked during the Second World War no one asked, ‘Can we afford to fight the war?’ It was an existential matter. We could not afford not to fight it. The same goes for the climate crisis.”

How true. If we choose not to put all of our nation’s energy and resources into combating global warming and encouraging other nations to do the same, including continuing the phaseout of fossil fuels in favor of clean, renewable energy, we’ll very likely wake up one day to find that we lost the combat. The world’s climate scientists are with me when I make this statement. I choose to go with the science. This is a war that we must win if we are to pass on a livable, sustainable planet to our future generations.

Bill Adams, Des Moines