Re: “A furious industry backlash greets moves by California cities to ban natural gas in new construction” [March 5, Environment]:

As we transition from fossil fuels to clean energy, a pattern emerges: Just like the coal and oil industries before it, the gas industry has unleashed a lobbying and public-relations blitz to slow our progress.

Fossil-fuel companies often complain that it’s unrealistic to stop using fossil fuels overnight. Indeed, it is, and no one proposes that we do. Local ordinances to limit gas would only apply to new expansions, not existing hookups. We don’t have to quit cold turkey tomorrow. But to preserve a decent chance for a livable future, according to the best climate science, we need to cut emissions by half in this decade. And to do that, we have to stop making it worse right away. We don’t have a minute or a dime to waste on new investments and infrastructure that unnecessarily prolong fossil-fuel dependence.

We’re starting awfully late in our response to the climate crisis, so we can’t keep moving forward and back. We finally seem to be getting serious about solutions. We must move forward now. Only forward.

K. Cecil Golden, Seattle