Re: “Dem climate plan would end greenhouse gas emissions by 2050” [June 30, Business]:

I applaud U.S. House Democrats for developing a comprehensive plan to end greenhouse emissions by 2050. Its ambitious goal is to build a just, equitable and resilient clean economy.

Predictably, Republicans immediately opposed the plan as a “job-killer.” Obviously, they hadn’t read the 538-page plan, for it not only targets ending greenhouse gases, but also creating new jobs to repair and retrofit eroded, inefficient and polluting infrastructure; building new green infrastructure; and facilitating the successful transition of workers in fossil fuel related industries to new jobs with a better financial future. It strives to build both the American agricultural and manufacturing economies, and to invest in disproportionately exposed communities to cut pollution and advance environmental justice.

The world is waiting for America to reassert itself as a leader to avert the fast approaching climate catastrophe.

Scott Patterson, Bothell