As a science teacher, I agree with syndicated columnist Scott Martelle [“Climate change among the debate casualties,” Oct. 1, Opinion] that global warming is the gravest challenge we as a nation face. The next two debates ought to recognize that.

As top climate scientist Michael Mann recently put it in The Guardian, a second Trump term would be catastrophic for the planet, digging us deeper into a hole we may never emerge from, and putting us in a running battle against extreme weather and rising tides. On the other hand, a transition to a green economy would not only save many lives through reduced pollution but enhance our economy to compete globally.

As well as voting, we can also donate to the Biden campaign in swing states or volunteer to phone-bank with groups like The Democratic Party may not be perfect, but at least it has a plan that may save us and buy us time to form the sort of society we would want for our children.

Colin Wrigh