Re: “Amazon reports 15% rise in greenhouse gas emissions, announces $2 billion low-carbon investment fund” [June 23, Business]:

Even before the pandemic, the importance of Amazon in our daily lives was undeniable. During the pandemic, Amazon is our safe haven. Amazon reported a 29% increase in sales in the first quarter of 2020.

The 15% rise in greenhouse gas emissions was in 2019, before the pandemic. It is important to realize that the influx of Amazon orders caused by the pandemic is hurting the environment. Orders are packaged in single-use plastic air cushions to keep products safe and rushed to your door in a couple of hours all for the single item you needed.

As Amazon takes steps to improve its carbon footprint, we should too. Amazon has discontinued the use of single-use plastics in India. North America should be next. As Amazon pledges to reach 100% renewable energy, we can help by placing orders on Amazon when you have a lot of items to order so that they can be packaged together. We can also choose longer shipping times and make thoughtful purchases rather than impulsive ones.

I love getting new packages as much as the next person, but our actions have consequences. As we protect ourselves at home, we should protect our world too.

Aneesha Singh, Bothell