I’m going to be 17 during the 2020 election. My dad was a few years older than me when he immigrated alone to America seeking a better future. Ten years later, he established himself in his new community and family here.

In 10 years I’ll be 27. I will have voted in five elections, hopefully out of college, and starting to become established in my career and community.

Ten years is how long scientists say we have to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions before our environment reaches a tipping point — a point of no return.

At 17, not even eligible to vote for my future, I wish I didn’t have to work toward a world that is expected to be irreparably damaged by the time I’m 27. I wish I could have lived my teen years able to dream without a 10-year deadline to accomplish them all.

I’m not asking for the best economy in the world, or a world full of opportunities or the “American Dream.” I want to seek a future where forest fires, hurricanes and floods no longer break record casualties every year. I just want a chance to dream past the year 2030.

Michelle He, Port Orchard