If I were to ask you what you do for the environment, what would you say? Do you try to shop at secondhand stores as much as possible? Do you bring your own produce bags to the grocery? Or do you do what you can when you can?

If it’s the last one, I’ll let you in on a not-so-secret secret. There is always the time and resources to do something.

So maybe next time you go to the grocery store, use your own reusable bags. Not the plastic ones that will most definitely end up in the ocean.

Instead of buying a new shirt that uses up to 713 gallons of water just because you like it, consider donating that money to a nonprofit environmental organization.

You could even join (or start) a club in your school or neighborhood!

Even though every little thing helps, the big things you do make the biggest impact. I can give you ideas, but only you can decide what kind of impact you make.

Fiona Moritz-Hesse, Seattle (Editor’s note: Stella and Fiona are twins