As state after state certifies presidential election results and Republican governors, legislators and secretaries of state refuse to go along with President Donald Trump’s preposterous schemes to snatch victory away from the rightful winner, reality may finally be dawning on the deluded denizens of MAGA world, including Trump himself: Joe Biden is about to become president.

Over the next few weeks, Trump will continue to whine. He will continue to insist he was robbed. He will continue to raise money from his spellbound supporters to pay for his clownish legal team (and to pay his campaign debts). He will continue to seize upon any new conspiracy theory that seeps in from the noxious ether of the extremist right-wing media. He will continue to lay booby traps for the incoming Biden administration. But he will not be able to avoid being evicted from the White House on Jan. 20.

Once he takes up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Biden is not going to have an easy time of it. He will have to quickly organize a coherent response to the pandemic that is surging across the country. He will have to deal with the most threatening economic crisis since 2008 when another Republican president dumped a dire financial mess on a new Democratic administration. And he will have to cope with Sen. Mitch McConnell and all the stonewalling congressional Republicans who will do everything they can to crush his legislative agenda and block his appointments to courts and government jobs.

On the plus side, though, Biden will be able to bring in a team of seasoned, smart, mature adults to run U.S. foreign policy and manage the economy. And he will bring sanity, competence and empathy back to the Oval Office. Those will be huge changes from what we have endured for the past four years.

Sure, Trump will still be around making noise and stirring up his cultish rabble, but we will not have to think about him nearly as much or worry about what new damage he is doing to the institutions of government and America’s standing in the world. January 20th is coming and it will be a very good day.

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