Washington is making steady progress toward the clean car future we need.

Like so many in Washington, I’ve been excited to see more electric vehicles plugged in outside grocery stores around town, friends making the switch from gas-powered cars, and a jump in battery-electric buses and trolley buses downtown. This anecdotal evidence of progress was confirmed in a new report from Environment Washington Research & Policy Center.

According to the report, Washington ranks third in the nation for cumulative electric vehicle sales. Nationwide, electric vehicle sales have boomed during the past decade. That growth means a cleaner, healthier future for communities like mine, and, as a runner with asthma, air that’s safe for me to breathe.

We know that renewable energy is on the rise, and that we can tap into so much more clean, safe power and move away from fossil fuels. The progress we’ve already made, especially in electric vehicles, should give our state leaders the confidence to continue picking up the pace.

Now’s the time to seize on that opportunity and commit Washington to make all cars sold after 2030 electric.

Lillie Wright, Seattle, organizer with Environment Washington