Feb. 7 was my 70th birthday, and what better gift than Brier Dudley’s insightful, important column, “U.S. needs infrastructure of democracy plan” [Feb. 7, Opinion].

As a family of educators, we have mourned the loss of national civics and history instruction in public schools.

Slowly and surely, we have experienced the erosion of our free press, newspapers and many of the basic democratic tenets of our country.

My mother, a “parachute packin’ momma” during World War II, later became a history teacher. She read three papers per day. How many times at dinner did I hear mom say, “We must have an informed citizenry for democracy to prevail!”

My son is a South End dual language elementary school principal and former English teacher. He also appreciated the column and says, “Keep up the good fight!”

Laurie Davenport-Erickson, Seattle