Re: “Vatican faults others for McCarrick’s rise, spares Francis” [Nov. 10, World]:

As concerned members of the Seattle Archdiocese Catholic faithful, the recent report detailing decades of sexual abuse by Cardinal Theodore McCarrick raises far more questions than answers. Far from conducting a transparent and comprehensive investigation, the Church has again exercised complete authority and predictable secrecy over how it addresses the continuing clerical sexual abuse crisis.

Justice for victims of clerical abuse begins with transparency: It is a strange concept of justice where the accused secretly sits in judgment of their accusers.

Transparency is not just a word, it is an action. Our group — — proposes a lay-led review of Chancery files of the history and disposition of clerical abuse in the Seattle Archdiocese, which will then inform a Truth and Reconciliation process to uncover the “how and why” of the clerical-abuse crisis and facilitate healing for survivors.

Archbishop Paul Etienne recently wrote to pastoral leaders stating, “We have a commitment to transparency and action.” Ironically, he has refused numerous invitations to meet with our committee.

Transparency and justice cannot coexist with the clericalism that has plagued our Church for centuries. Please visit our website for more information.

Clark Kimerer, Seattle; Mike Sullivan, Mill Creek; and Barbara Ruzzo, Seattle, members, Heal Our Church steering committee