Re: “Seattle City Council approves land-use changes to make it easier to create new child care centers” [Aug. 17, Northwest]:

Seattle City Council’s unanimous approval of the Child Care Near You ordinance could mark the beginning of a shift toward the “good things near you” model.

Child Care Near You will be good for our economy, for the climate and for families. It will provide economic opportunities in our neighborhoods by cutting red tape for new child care centers. Walking and biking to child care will curb pollution and let families spend more time together. Municipal code changes allowing critical services in all neighborhoods will enable all kinds of families to thrive — walking and biking to day care, the store and to employment opportunities.

When my kids were little, we had to drive to day care and then bus to jobs. Thanks to Councilmember Dan Strauss, my grandkids may have local day care. We encourage other council members to consider whether other bills on the “good things near you” model can help create the “15-minute neighborhoods.”

Alice Lockhart, Seattle