Re: “Tax Washington’s wealthy, don’t slash social services, for lasting economic recovery” [July 14, Opinion]:

State Rep. Ruth Kagi’s Op-Ed was correct that a key to fixing the affordable child-care shortage is taxing the rich. However, I and my organization, Radical Women, feel we have to expand services beyond what Washington has previously had.

Child care needs to be free and available 24-hours-a-day. If a parent stays home to care for their child, it should be paid work. All child-care workers need to be unionized and paid better. Many small child-care centers have been devastated due to the pandemic. The Great Recession was handled in Washington state with more austerity and slashing budgets. This hurt our economy in the long run.

Children receiving care is more important than huge tax breaks for people who will never have to worry about paying for shelter or child care. Affordable child care is better for our economy. Our children’s children will thank us many times over.

Meagan Murphy, Seattle