Re: “Amid increased emissions, Seattle mayor wants to ban gas heat in new commercial, apartment buildings” [Dec. 4, Local]:

Although Mayor Jenny Durkan’s proposed limits on natural gas are a bold step for the future, one simple action taken right now could go a long way in the quest to cut greenhouse emissions and reduce air pollution. Ban the burning of wood in the city of Seattle.

Not only would a wood-burn ban reduce carbon emissions, it would also pay off in health benefits for our citizens. The biggest health threat from wood burning is the fine particles in the resulting smoke. These microscopic particles get into your eyes and respiratory system. Fine particles can trigger asthma attacks, heart attacks, stroke, irregular heart rhythms and heart failure, according to the American Lung Association.

If the Seattle City Council and Mayor Durkan really cared about the health of our city and citizens, they would ban wood burning in Seattle.

Tom Wasserman, Seattle