In recent weeks, the movement for racial equality in America has been taken to new heights, as it should be. Centuries of injustice are being brought into the light and actions are beginning to be taken against the systemic racism which many of us do not see in our daily lives, especially those of us who are not victims of prejudice and mistreatment as a result of our skin color.

I would like to thank Gov. Jay Inslee, Mayor Jenny Durkan and Sens. Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray for speaking out against President Donald Trump’s uneducated and racist outlook on the Capitol Hill Organized Protest/Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone and recognizing the need for change within the foundational systems of our nation.

Without our leaders finally facing the inequities and systemic issues within our country, we cannot move toward taking apart such systems. Their attention is needed for change, and I would like to thank our Washington state officials for their efforts to change our state and our country, for the benefit of those living in injustice every day.

Mikayla Hubbard, Everett (U.C. Berkeley Class of 2022)