Re: “Second 737 MAX crash haunts victims’ families and company veterans as questions linger for Boeing and FAA” [March 9, Boeing & Aerospace]:

Aviation analyst Richard Aboulafia hit the nail on the head when he identified Boeing’s problems as the “deprioritization of engineers” and “their financial focus.”

For its first 80 years, Boeing was an engineering company. Safety was its mantra. After the disgraced Harry Stonecipher was made CEO, he made “stockholder value” the new company motto. Stonecipher said, “When people say I changed the culture of Boeing, that was the intent, so that it’s run like a business rather than a great engineering firm.” He got his way, and Boeing is no longer a great engineering firm.

The cultural changes he and his successors made at Boeing led to the death of 346 people. The company’s board of directors needs to be replaced with persons who understand engineering and can return Boeing to its prior engineering greatness.

Richard T. Kennedy, Normandy Park, Boeing retiree after 40 years