Re: “Investigator for Washington state attorney general placed on leave after note he left at Tacoma restaurant: ‘BLM Button = No Tip’ ”[Sept. 12, Northwest]:

I read the recent article about Cloyd Steiger, a senior criminal investigator and former homicide investigator, and the investigation into his behavior regarding a Black Lives Matter button worn by his server at a Tacoma restaurant.

What was interesting were the comments by Steiger’s lawyer. Saying that Steiger had two sons working as police officers in Seattle with one at the East Precinct, where officers have been injured, he described Steiger’s concerns and fears as a parent worrying about his kids and how this was understandable.

It wasn’t until recently that I started the process of understanding the fears that Black parents feel every time one of their children leaves the house.

I don’t know what the answer is to solve racial injustice, but I think acknowledging and understanding each other’s fear and pain is important.

This, of course, in no way justifies Steiger’s horrifying behavior.

Kathy Posner, Bellevue