The spat between the City of Everett and a crew of bikini-clad baristas is a 10-year-old tempest in a coffee pot that now has a slim chance of going all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

Back in 2009, Everett police claimed that some of the women working at local drive-through coffee stands were sometimes exposing more skin than what was covered by their skimpy bikinis and that a few were selling more than lattes to customers. The city responded by mandating a dress code for the women – shorts and tank tops – and the women responded to that ordinance with a lawsuit that said their freedom of expression was being violated.

The dispute has slowly risen through the court system and now the baristas’ attorneys have filed a petition to the highest court in the land. In part, the petition says, “These baristas express themselves by wearing revealing outfits that intentionally diverge from societal workplace-attire norms. Through their mode of dress, the baristas communicate messages including female empowerment, freedom of expression, and body confidence.”

It appears unlikely the justices will choose to hear the appeal. Still, it is fun to imagine how certain justices might handle the arguments. I’m thinking of you Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh.

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