Former Attorney General William Barr laughed out loud at the allegation in the film “2000 Mules” that massive numbers of ballots in the 2020 election were manipulated to favor Joe Biden. Donald Trump’s ex-AG told the Jan. 6 committee that there were no facts whatsoever to support such a nutty conspiracy theory.

That, of course, has not stopped Trump from continuing to broadcast his bogus claims about a stolen election. And neither did facts dissuade Washington’s 2020 GOP gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp from claiming his massive loss to Gov. Jay Inslee was the result of a rigged election.

Thus, it is no surprise that a contingent of MAGA Republicans in this state have announced their intention to set up surveillance of ballot drop boxes. Dubbing themselves “WA Citizens United to Secure Ballot Boxes,” they are signing up people to stand watch and record video of any suspicious characters whom they observe dumping piles of ballots into the boxes. They have also put up signs at several drop boxes in King County that warn of the legal penalties that await anyone who takes money to dump loads of spurious ballots.

This group includes a candidate for the state Legislature, Amber Krabach, who has been running the King County Republican Party’s election integrity committee. She no longer has that particular role, since, in response to the ballot-surveillance shenanigans, the chairman of the county GOP, Mathew Patrick Thomas, disbanded the committee and told Krabach and her confederates, “You guys have got to stop doing this.”

Another fan of the surveillance scheme is Tamborine Borrelli, who has been fined by the state Supreme Court for making legally frivolous claims about election fraud. In this wacky world, it is no surprise that Borrelli is running to become Secretary of State, Washington’s chief elections official.

If this collection of QAnon devotees and Trump fanatics manages to muster a small troop of reality-challenged folks to keep an eye on the drop boxes, there could be some risk of voter intimidation, which is, itself, against the law. Most likely, though, the biggest risk is boredom for any electoral vigilantes who spend too many long, lonely hours watching for a crime that exists only in their imaginations.

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