Re: “Mass mid-pandemic eviction creates chaos at a Seattle motel that’s a refuge for homeless populations” [Aug. 14, Northwest]:

The Aurora Avenue Everspring Inn has been a house of prostitution, drug dealing and crime since the day it was built in 1998. Having lived two blocks from Everspring for 34 years, the only thing worse than living at it is living near it — yet another car break-in next door; drug needles on the parking strip.

In June, I ousted two drug users shooting up on my neighbor’s front porch. In July, a car with blackened windows that frequents Everspring was parked outside our house all night, dumping used needles and condoms in our yard. In May and July, two fatal shootings.

Shame on the city of Seattle for using taxpayer-supported vouchers to house homeless women and children at such a dangerous location. In 1998, the city assured neighbors the Everspring would not turn into another criminal enterprise. With every new owner, criminal activity escalates. The owner is being given yet another chance to “abate the nuisance” and stay open. Enough is enough. Shut it down. Tear it down. Now.

The owner says he fears for his life. So do residents and neighbors.

Susan Hemingway, Seattle