Recently, James D. Herbert, an assistant U.S. attorney for the District of Massachusetts, became the first sitting federal prosecutor to speak out against the abuse of power by Attorney General William Barr. This brave act has inspired me to add my voice.

I am also a current Justice Department attorney. I am writing to express my own personal views, not those of the Justice Department, about a subject that is important to all Americans: Barr’s corruption of a great American institution.

Prosecutors are supposed to do their jobs without regard to party or politics. Barr, however, is turning the Justice Department into a shield to protect the president and his henchmen. He misled the American public about the Mueller report. He meddled to spare Roger Stone and Michael Flynn from the consequences of their crimes. He demeaned career prosecutors in a speech at Hillsdale College in Michigan.

Barr does these things because his goal is to protect his master, rather than the American people. The power of the Justice Department is too great to be in the hands of a person like Barr. America deserves better.

Michael Dion, Seattle

Correction: This letter, originally published Oct. 6, 2020, was corrected Oct. 7, 2020. An editing error misidentified James D. Herbert, who is an assistant U.S. attorney for the District of Massachusetts.