Re: “Report: U.S. turning away asylum-seekers at border is flawed” [Oct. 30, Nation]:

The election is over, but the horror of family separation at the border continues. I am a volunteer attorney representing detained immigrants. My client and his son fled for their lives from their country after my client refused to allow the narco gangs to use his employer’s truck to carry their drugs bound for the U.S.

Instead of rewarding his brave actions, our government took him into custody when he crossed the border. He has been in a detention center for more than a year, and he has not seen his son since. After having no contact with his son for 40 days, they offered him a deal: If he would sign away custody, they would place his son in a foster home, enroll him in school and ensure that they had weekly phone contact. The tragedy is that because he may be deported, my client understands that his son is better off with his foster parents. We have twice requested his release, demonstrating that he has no criminal record and will not flee because that would mean abandoning his son. No response.

I urge you to complain to Congress about the appalling way we are treating those seeking protection.

Rosemary Hollinger, Bainbridge Island