In the coming weeks a couple hundred thousand Americans may die as the COVID-19 pandemic rolls through the 50 states. Meanwhile, the rate of people losing jobs in our shuttered economy has skyrocketed beyond any past records. And, in the midst of this dual crisis, some people are most concerned about buying guns.

Gov. Jay Inslee has ordered all non-essential businesses in the state shut down in an effort to keep people at home until transmission of the deadly novel coronavirus fades away, but some owners of gun shops are resisting the order to close their doors. They claim that the constitutional right to bear arms trump’s any emergency declaration. They also point to long lines of customers at their stores to prove that, for some folks, being able to buy a gun without delay is, apparently, very essential.

Every time there is a spike in the dread level, some people feel the urge to get better armed, even though statistics indicate the majority of them are repeat customers who already have a hefty arsenal at home and would not seem to need more firepower. The current circumstance is more dreadful than most, but how is a gun going to help fight off a virus? Or do gun buyers expect chaos in the streets one day soon due to an economic collapse?

If anarchy is coming, could the first sign be gun vendors refusing to comply with a legitimate order from the governor? More likely it is just proof that these particular business owners are using the Second Amendment as an excuse to make more money from a frightened public.

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