Re: “Conspicuous anti-consumption” [Sept. 13, Opinion]:

While I completely agree with the sentiments expressed in the Op-Ed about the need to consume less for the sake of the planet, my problem with less consumption is what’s going to happen to all the people who are involved in producing and selling the stuff we don’t need?

I find it very difficult not to consume when I know this results in the poor workers of Bangladesh and other countries not having any way to make a living. And I know that Bangladesh is going to be one of the first sizable countries that will be largely under water because of climate change. But what is better for the Bangladeshis — starving them or drowning them? I am not trying to be cynical, but I would really like for someone to address this dilemma.

I have the same problem with cruising considering that to a large extent cruise ships are staffed by workers from the Philippines, India, Indonesia, etc. How are they surviving in a world without cruising? And see The New York Times article “The other way covid will kill: Hunger” — hunger because of the lack of economic activity (lack of consumption).

Heinke Clark, Kirkland