President Donald Trump has sent federal police into various cities on the pretext of preventing destruction of federal buildings and property, but Trump himself is proving to be the greatest vandalizer with his attack on the oldest federal agency of them all, the United States Postal Service.

Trump contends that voting by mail is an easily corrupted system and that millions of bogus votes will be cast if states move to mail ballots to relieve citizens of having to vote in person in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Apparently, Trump believes most of those fake votes would go to his rival, Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden, and so he is openly underfunding and undermining the postal service to subvert the election process.

Of course, it is a complete fantasy that voting by mail is easily corrupted. There is no evidence of significant abuse of mail ballots in any of the states, such as Washington, that rely on the post office to conduct elections, and there are plenty of safeguards in place to ensure such a thing could not happen. It is not certain whether Trump actually believes what he is saying about voting by mail or if he is merely putting in place a convenient excuse to challenge the election result should he lose.

What is certain is that this is yet another brazen attack on a venerated American institution by a corrupt and incompetent president who is willing to commit any outrage to serve his own interests.

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