Bringing home a franchise was easy compared to other big challenges residents want the city’s leader to resolve.

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Seattle has been awarded a National Hockey League expansion franchise, and Mayor Jenny Durkan played a key role in closing the deal. Elected just a year ago, the mayor arrived like a hotshot player brought into a game in the final period to make the winning score.

Durkan deserves the cheers of the hockey crowd. However, it must be acknowledged that she was shooting at a mostly undefended goal.

The NHL was already inclined to give a team to Seattle, thanks to the financial backing of the billionaires who will own the team, the solid plan to remodel Key Arena into a state-of-the-art sports venue and the 30,000 season tickets already sold. Durkan just had to show the city’s eagerness and support for the bid.

Now, if only homelessness, traffic, rapid population growth and all the other problems facing her town were as easily resolved, Durkan would look like a true impact player.

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