Re: “Amazon plans to put 1,000 warehouses in neighborhoods” [Sept. 16, Business]:

Amazon’s presence in smaller communities will destroy the local retail economy, drive up warehouse rent for smaller businesses and harm individuals. An analyst in this article estimates Amazon will deliver 67% of its own packages this year and increase that to 85%, relying little on delivery companies as it previously did. United Parcel Service and similar companies will find it more difficult to compete. If these businesses fail, unemployment will increase. Competition regulates the economy, and without it, everyone loses.

Walmart has begun to compete with Amazon with its quick deliveries. With Amazon’s facility expansion, however, it will eliminate competition for good. With too much control over the market and consumers, the potential of inflating prices by restricting the supply is high.

Amazon is, concerningly, making quick strides toward total monopolization of the electronic-commerce market. This move will harm competition and, in turn, have a negative effect on small businesses, consumers and workers.

Abby Pierson, Milton